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  • The Government of Balochistan lacked a comprehensive and retrievable online personnel database, which contained their data, service history, academic, training, inquires, and ACRs (performance reports). The HRMS is a web application that records and maintains the HR-related data of all government employees. The centralized Human resource management system allows government departments to have secured and up-to-date records of each employee working in the government. This system would go a long way in the carrier planning and decision-making by the supervisory officers as regards their subordinates. It is also integrated with an integrated performance management system. The system is linked with other performance monitoring systems that will help the government to identify individual employees who demonstrate consistently low performance. The system will help Establishment Department to execute transfer posting based on performance. The system provides comprehensive details about each civil officer’s biodata, qualifications, training, and posting held. This will allow better decision-making and management of human resources in the province. This system will also include Service History, Service Posting, and Transfer, Academic Profiling, Training Calendar, E- Inquiry can also be held here, Reporting and E-PSB will also be held here. The system is in process and HR is completed, Once this HR is Implemented, other rolls Like E-PSB, E-Inquiry, & Service History can be deployed.