Ideas / Technology

How It Works


In March 2020, during the outbreak of pandemic in Balochistan, CMDU developed a web portal in record time to automate the Laboratory testing process. The COVID portal is capable to fully automate the procedure i.e., from taking samples to the result of the lab-test. COVID portal includes the following functionalities:

  1. Patient/ Suspect case entry form.
  2. Test sample receiving in Laboratory.
  3. Test result.
  4. Patient/ Suspect receiving an SMS for their respective report results.
  5. Patient/ suspect can download their reports by providing link.


During the pandemic of COVID-19 Sample collection for random testing was a big challenge for Health Department to address that issue CMDU developed a mobile offline application for the collection of samples from door step which decreases the public interaction thus helped a lot to  contain the COVID-19 virus. This app handed over to MERC Teams, RR Teams for collection of samples.